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Why Infrared Images Look the Way They Do


Infrared photos and videos have an instantly recognizable look to them that you’re probably familiar with. But do you know the reasons things look the way they do? Here’s an interesting 4-minute video that explores the subject through infrared views of the “invisible” side of London.

The video was created by Andrew Steele, a photographer, computational biologist, and science presenter. It “shows what you would see if your vision extended beyond the red end of the rainbow,” Steele says.

The infrared shots were filmed with a Nikon D5200 DSLR “was converted to full-spectrum by removing the hot mirror and replacing it with a fused silica window, and then using a 720 nm IR filter to cut out visible wavelengths.”

Steele also shows something you may not have known about infrared cameras: they can make sunglasses look completely transparent and can perform a “reverse miracle” by turning red wine into water:

Watch the video above for more of Steele’s shots and explanations, and you can also find more of his videos on his YouTube channel.