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Ricoh’s New Camera SDKs Open the Door to 3rd Party Apps


Ricoh has released the first-ever official software development kits (SDK) for Pentax cameras, opening the door to 3rd party apps for controlling the cameras remotely.

Third-party developers and companies will now be able to easily write stable apps for Pentax cameras without having to reverse-engineer anything.

Pentax’s official Image Transmitter 2 software. Screenshot by Camera Driver.

Camera functions accessible in the SDK include shooting photos and videos, accessing the live view, and adjusting camera settings — in other words, everything needed to create a powerful remote camera control app.

Apps can access any of Pentax’s recent 35mm and medium format DSLR cameras (645Z, K-1 Mark I/II, KP, and K-70) via a USB cable or over Wi-Fi.

Supported platforms include Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android — the SDK enables access from PCs, smartphones/tablets, and even single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi.

You can download the SDK of your choice (there are four to choose from depending on connectivity and programming language) from the dedicated Ricoh API website for free.

(via Ricoh via Pentax Forums)