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This Short Film Isn’t CGI — It Was Made with Lighting, Models, and Creativity


Check out this surreal 4-minute short film titled Club Palace. It may look computer-generated, but everything you see was captured on camera using miniature sets, careful lighting, practical effects, and precise camera moves.

The film is a collaboration between creative director Camille Boyer, cinematographer Nik Mirus, and the Montreal-based creative agency Caravane.

“It looks like a computer animation student’s final-year project, but in reality it was all filmed using real-life miniatures and clever practical effects,” NOWNESS writes.

If you’d like to see how this fake-CGI was created, here’s a 3-minute behind-the-scenes video:

We usually see CGI images and videos that aim to look as realistic as possible, not real footage that aims to look as CGI as possible, but this clever short film is a neat example of the latter.

(via NOWNESS via Sploid)