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These Picture-Perfect Outdoor Scenes Are Entirely CGI


Most of the photos in IKEA’s catalog are CGI these days, and more and more video games are adding serious photo modes. As the virtual and photographic worlds converge, we’ll be seeing more and more demos of photorealistic CGI that may trick our eyes. Here’s one example.

Brazilian photographer and computer science researcher Guilherme Rabello created the 1-minute video above using Unreal Engine 4. It’s a sandbox scene he created while studying and improving his skills in the game engine.

Here are a few still frames from the video:




“Most of the vegetation was created from scratch in SpeedTree and the buildings are tweaked versions of archviz projects that I’ve done in the past,” Rabello writes regarding the technical details of the project. “The scene runs in real-time at 1080p/40~50fps on a GTX980ti. For the video I’ve used the Sequencer tool in UE4 to export at 4k/30fps.”

You can find more of Rabello’s work on Behance.