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Watch Canon’s Ultra-Dramatic Video Showing Off Its Sensors of the Future


Canon recently released this incredibly dramatic 5-minute video to showcase its latest CMOS sensor technologies. The opening question, set to moving music, is: “Have you ever seen a rainbow in the light of the moon?”

“A moonbow is a rare phenomenon that can only be seen when the appropriate lunar brightness, angle of elevation, and moisture in the air align. They are said to bring happiness to those who see them.”

Thanks to the company’s ultra-sensitive low-light CMOS sensor, Canon was able to capture a moonbow as vividly as a rainbow in midday… in a scene so dark that nothing could be seen with the human eye.

“For several decades Canon has been developing and manufacturing advanced CMOS sensors with state-of-the-art technologies for exclusive use in Canon products,” Canon writes. “These sensors are a critical driving force behind many of our successful product lines, ranging from consumer products all the way up to high-end business and industrial solutions.”

(via CanonUSA via The-Digital-Picture)