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Full-Frame Shootout: Sony a7R III vs. Nikon D850 vs. Canon 5D IV


Want to see how popular full-frame cameras from Sony, Nikon, and Canon stack up? Here’s a 20-minute comparison video from Dan and Sally Watson that looks at the differences between the Sony a7R III, Nikon D850, and Canon 5D Mark IV.

The video runs through pretty much all questions you might have about the cameras, covering everything from ISO handling to video.

For usability, the LiveView showing up in the viewfinder of the Sony A7R III is a major plus point for Sally. Dan agrees, pointing out that the Nikon D850 is the weakest when it comes to LiveView usability.

For regular autofocus, though, Dan concluded that the Nikon D850 performs the best. It was the only camera that locked focus for every frame of the model running towards the camera.

Here are some images from the Sony a7R III:

Here are some images from the Nikon D850:

Finally, here are the images from the Canon 5D Mark IV:

Overall, the Nikon D850 “probably performed the best,” Dan says. In fact, he recommends it over all of the cameras for anyone shooting action, thanks to its faster frame rate of 9 fps.

But “all of these cameras are absolutely amazing,” says Sally, so you probably won’t go wrong picking any one over the others.