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A Fully Loaded $14,000 iMac Pro vs. a Fully Loaded $6,000 iMac


Is it worth upgrading to the latest fully loaded iMac Pro, which will cost you $14,000? Filmmaker Parker Walbeck recently went hands-on to find out. Here’s his interesting 4-minute video review that looks at the speed comparisons between a fully loaded iMac Pro and a fully loaded $6,000 iMac.

The review shows side-by-side comparisons of each computer running a number of tasks. First off, Walbeck tests playback speeds of RED 8K footage. The iMac Pro plays back flawlessly at real speed while the iMac had to have the resolution reduced to 1/8th to see the same smooth playback.

Walbeck found that the iMac Pro rendered about twice as fast as the iMac, but interestingly the Warp Stabilizer effect in Adobe Premiere performed 25% better on the iMac — apparently a quick that has to do with the number of cores that task utilizes.

“I definitely think there is a point of diminishing returns,” says Walbeck. “You’re going to pay a premium for the latest and greatest tech.”