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Lightroom Shortcuts You Can Use All the Time


If you’re starting to spend a lot of time inside Lightroom, keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys can help speed up your workflow and save you precious seconds that add up over time. Toronto-based photographer Lucy Martin put together this helpful 3-minute video to share the handy Lightroom shortcuts that she finds herself using all the time.

Here’s a quick rundown of the shortcuts covered in the video:

G – Go to Grid (Library Mode)
E – Enter Loupe View
L – Lights Out
P – Pick/Flag Photo
X – Reject Photo
CAPS LOCK – Auto Next Photo
CMD + DELETE – Delete all Rejects
D – Go to Develop Module
\ – Before & After Shortcut Key Lightroom
Y – Before & After Side-by-Side
V – Black& White
R – Resize & Rotate (Crop)
Q – Spot Removal Tool
H – Hide Adjustment Pins
CMD + Z – Undo Last Action
CMD + C – Copy Develop Settings
CMD + P – Paste Develop Settings
CMD + / – Show All Shortcuts

You can find more of Martin’s videos and photos on YouTube and Instagram.