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This is What Happens When You Microwave a DSLR Camera


The folks at Daytripper Photo recently decided to find out what happens when you microwave a DSLR camera in the name of science. The 11-minute video above documents how the Nikon D60 and 18-135mm lens fared (spoiler: not well).

The camera was placed in a microwave sitting out in the middle of a grassy yard.

After 5 minutes in the microwave, portions of the DSLR were beginning to melt. The LCD screen on the back had melted and things were falling apart in the grip area.

After several more minutes of being bombarded with microwaves, most of the DSLR’s plastic had melted away, exposing the electronics within. The lens fared well, though.

Here are some photos showing what the Nikon D60 and lens looked like afterward:

A few years ago, people shared viral “information” about how you can fully charge an iPhone battery by microwaving it for just one minute. As this demonstration showed, you should not microwave your electronic devices.

They won’t charge. They’ll melt.

Image credits: Photographs by Daytripper Photo and used with permission