7 Easy DIY Light Modifiers for Creative Shadows in Portraits

Here’s a 5-minute video by photographer Bill Lawson that shares 7 different DIY gobos (go-betweens) that you can use to introduce creative shadows to your portrait photos.

Most of the items are available cheaply from a dollar store, and other similar things could work well too. In fact, many things found in a kitchen have the potential to work — even a spatula should case neat lines over the subject.

Here’s a look at the 7 gobos suggested by Lawson and sample photos showing the shadows they produce:

#1. Lace Scarf

#2. Dish Tray

#3. Cat Litter Scoop

#4. Colander

#5. Straw Hat

#6. Wicker Chair

#7. Flowers

Check out the full video above to see the items in use during the shoot.