15 Tips for Composing Your Photos by 4 Veteran Photographers

Here’s a 7-minute video by Advancing Your Photography that shares 15 tips for composing your photos from 4 masters of photography: Chase Jarvis, Bob Holmes, Chris Burkard, and Marc Silber.

Chase Jarvis says that he walks through an area without his camera first before taking a shot.

“When you have the camera to your face you see a lot less than when just walking around,” he says.

Bob Holmes likes to get close to his subjects and composes “almost intuitively.” He says that he is always scanning the edges of the frame, as it’s “your fault if there’s something in there that shouldn’t be.”

“You have to give your subject 100% of your concentration,” says Holmes. “You have to be there and aware of everything. Even before you look through the camera, be aware of everything that is going on in that image.”

Marc Silber says that you need to “anticipate the action” so that you are “capturing it at the right, exact moment.” This is the “decisive moment” and describes the point where you need to ensure you click the shutter. It’s all about “where you put yourself and where you point your camera.”