This Drone Photographer Sees Things In the Surf on Beaches

People often think they see recognizable things in clouds, a psychological phenomenon called pareidolia. When photographer Peter Adams-Shawn began shooting aerial photos with a camera drone on his local beach, he soon discovered that he would often see things magically appear and disappear in waves breaking on beaches.

Adams-Shawn’s new ongoing project, titled “From the Deep,” contains many interesting examples of this. The photo above is titled “Ghost Ship.”

“When I acquired my first drone, a Blade Chroma 4K, courtesy of a swap deal for an a7R back in March, I had no expectations of what I’d be able to achieve with it,” Adams-Shawn tells PetaPixel. “Fortunately for me, my local beach was the perfect playground for the new toy.”

“It didn’t take long before the idea for a new body of work came ‘out of the blue’ (literally),” he continues. “Images appeared right before my eyes and then washed away almost as soon as they had appeared. I’d found my next challenge…”

“Madonna of the Rocks”
“Khafre’s Roar”
“The Phoenix Rises”
“The Snowman”
“Dragon’s Breath”
“Poseidon’s Glare”
“Boobook’s Lair”

These photos were all shot in Western Australia and most of them within a 3 mile stretch of a beach near Binningup in Western Australia.

You can follow along with Adams-Shawn’s dronescape photos on his Instagram account. He previously received a great deal of attention on the Web for his photos that captured newlyweds as reflections in their wedding rings.

Image credits: Photographs by Peter Adams-Shawn and used with permission