Oops: An Epic Drone Shot with a Surprise Ending

Here’s a funny little 30-second blooper reel drone shot by aerial photographer Daniel Peckham. While capturing some beautiful footage of the sun over the Pacific Ocean, Peckham’s “epic” shot came to a surprising and abrupt end.

“The sunset was glorious, the flying was buttery smooth (probably my best aerial capture yet)… and then this happened,” he says.

Peckham was flying his DJI Phantom 3 around Arch Rock near Little Corona Beach in Newport Beach, California, when he accidentally flew the drone right into the tree hanging off a 30-foot cliff.

The moment the shot went all wrong.
The moment the shot went all wrong.

Luckily for Peckham, he was able to locate the drone using the DJI Pilot app, climb up the tree, and recover the quadcopter.

“This drone crash was entirely my fault — the Phantom 3 performed flawlessly,” he writes. “There was no damage to the drone despite my fail.”