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Kodak’s New Facebook Chatbot Wants to Sell You Prints of Old Photos


Kodak Moments, the consumer printing arm of Kodak, has launched a new Facebook Messenger chatbot. Its purpose: to try and sell you prints of your old photos.

The app, once it has a connection to your Facebook account, will sift through your old photos and use some type of algorithm to pull out the most interesting ones that you might’ve forgotten all about.

You can try it out by heading to its new Facebook Page and sending a message to the page.

Once you’ve given access, the app will spend some time working out the best suggestion to give you.

It’s clearly a unique attempt at marketing printing services to customers, but whether it is a successful one remains to be seen.

It works through algorithms and some degree of AI, taking into account factors such as quality, relationships, engagement, photo tagging, location, and facial recognition.

“Once we display images that people may have forgotten about on premium products with an option to immediately physically share, we expect to make money from the prints and the photo-products that we sell,” Kodak Moments CMO Rob Smith tells Fast Company.

There will also be a similar feature coming to its mobile app (available for Android and iOS users), which will need a connection to your Facebook account or camera roll.

(via Fast Company via The Verge)