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SpaceX Sonic Boom Shakes Camera (and Cameraman) from 6 Miles Away


Thinking about shooting a SpaceX Dragon landing? Let this video by Kerbal Space Academy serve as a lesson: you’re gonna need a SERIOUS tripod.

K Space Academy’s Das Valdez set up his camera about 6 miles away from the Landing Zone—just outside the CCAFS Gate at Port Canaveral—to capture the SpaceX CRS-11 Launch and Return to Launch Site (RTLS). But even knowing that the landing rocket was going to deliver double (or is it triple?) sonic booms, Valdez and his camera were not prepared for the force of the blast.

“We’re gonna need a bigger tripod. And new pants,” he writes in the video description. “Even if you’re expecting it, the double sonic booms from a landing rocket don’t play around.”

Check out the Twitch live stream excerpt up top, but keep your volume at a reasonable level… otherwise, you might blow your headphones out at around the 18 second mark.