Watch the SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Separate and Return to Earth

SpaceX Falcon 9

SpaceX has been using the Falcon 9 partially reusable two-stage-to-orbit medium-lift launch system that can return to Earth and be flown again multiple times for several years, but it’s no less impressive to see it in action every time.

COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation FM2 Satellite Launch

Yesterday, SpaceX successfully launched the COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation FM2 satellite for the Italian Space Agency. The launch had been postponed three times over the last week for various reasons, including a stoppage just 33 seconds before liftoff due to a cruise ship that had strayed into the hazard zone below the rocket’s intended flight path.

But the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket successfully lifted off from Cape Canaveral yesterday at 6:11 PM ET, with the launch live-streamed on YouTube.

Below are four photos SpaceX shared from the launch and landing of the Falcon 9 rocket:

SpaceX Falcon 9

SpaceX Falcon 9

SpaceX Falcon 9

SpaceX Falcon 9

Watch the Falcon 9 Separate and Return to Earth

SpaceX shared some highlights from the launch including an exceptional look at the Falcon 9 rocket separation and return to Earth. This was the third launch and landing of this booster, which previously supported the launch of Arabsat-6A and STP-2.

The COSMO-SkyMed satellite was successfully deployed not long after.

The success of the COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation FM2 Satellite marks the fourth launch and landing of Falcon 9 this year.

Falcon 9 is a reusable, two-stage rocket designed and manufactured by SpaceX for the reliable and safe transport of people and payloads into Earth orbit and beyond. Falcon 9 is the world’s first orbital-class reusable rocket. Reusability allows SpaceX to refly the most expensive parts of the rocket, which in turn drives down the cost of space access.

To date, SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets have launched 137 times with 97 total landings and 78 rockets reflown.

Image credits: Photos courtesy of SpaceX.