Google Photos Will Now Automatically White Balance Your Snapshots

A growing number of users are turning to Google’s ever-improving Photos app to backup their ever-growing camera roll. But while the main function of Google Photos is storage, the app’s automatic photo editing features are getting more and more robust. Today, that means auto white balance.

This isn’t a camera feature, it’s an editing feature. When your photos get backed up to the Google Photos app on Android or Web (iOS update coming soon), and you go to select the “auto” filter, Google will automatically adjust the white balance of the shot in addition to the exposure and saturation.

Say goodbye to gross, yellowish indoor shots courtesy of warm incandescent lights:

It’s not a huge update, but it should make your smartphone snapshots look that much nicer… even if you probably won’t ever look at them again. To check it out for yourself, head over to Google Photos on the Web or update your Android app. And if you want to take better advantage of the app, check out this tips article Google put together to announce the white balance update.

(via The Verge)

Image credits: Header photo by Maurizio Pesce. Sample photos courtesy of Google.