Google Photos Gets AI ‘Portrait Light’ Tool and One-Tap Edits

Google has unveiled a major update for the Google Photos app. The update adds two new AI-powered photo editing tools: a one-tap editing feature that tailors suggestions to your specific photo, and an intelligent 'Portrait Light' feature that lets you alter lighting post-capture.

Google Photos Will Now Automatically White Balance Your Snapshots

A growing number of users are turning to Google's ever-improving Photos app to backup their ever-growing camera roll. But while the main function of Google Photos is storage, the app's automatic photo editing features are getting more and more robust. Today, that means auto white balance.

Google Photos Can Now Stabilize Your iPhone’s Live Photos, Make GIFs

The Google Photos app wants to be a staple... for iOS photographers. Just a month after poking fun at 16GB iPhones and offering Google Photos as a storage solution, the tech giant has updated the app once again. This time, they want to make your iPhone's 'Live Photos' a lot more usable.