Ep. 150: Is Canon Dumbing Down the M6 in Advance of a Full-Frame Mirrorless Release? – and more

Episode 150 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Zeiss Ambassador, author and educator, Brian Matiash

In This Episode

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Zeiss Ambassador, author and educator, Brian Matiash opens the show. Thanks Brian!

Leaked photos of Canon’s M6 and (admittedly) wild speculation on why the company may be dumbing down the EOS-M system in advance of a full-frame EF-mount mirrorless system. (#)

Think Tank Photo’s new Signature bags offer a stylish upgrade without screaming “camera bag!”. (#)

Peak Design’s Range Pouch offers three options and matches their popular Everyday messenger bag. (#)

Roger Cicala on why zoom lenses just aren’t as sharp as primes…and the data to back it up. (#)

Adorama releases the Orlit Rovelight RT 610 TTL monolight, Orlit TR-612N TTL transceiver and Orlit RT 600C speedlite under their house brand. (#)

Four pioneers in image sensor technology are honored and will share a massive cash prize. (#)

Listener Malka wants to know how best to carry her backpack, camera gear and tripod to school via her bike and/or train…and wants to know how to price her services.

A smartphone lens case with built-in battery, 18mm lens and a shutter button. (#)


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