Photoshop Now Supports Touch Bar on the New MacBook Pro


Adobe today announced a new update for Photoshop CC that brings Touch Bar support for Apple’s latest line of MacBook Pro laptops.

“This update will help the full spectrum of Photoshop CC users, from beginners learning to navigate Photoshop CC to experienced users looking to make their workflows faster and more efficient,” Adobe writes.

The Touch Bar supported functions now present in Photoshop CC can be grouped into three different categories.


The first is Layer Properties, which lets you quickly access things you’ll need while working with your layers. Things like placing Smart Objects, clipping layers, opening Select & Mask, changing blend mode, and scrubbing history.

While working with Brushes, the Touch Bar will give you access to things like brush color, size, hardness, opacity, and flow. Simply slide your finger to adjust the movable slider and pick the value you’d like.


Finally, you can have Favorites at your fingertips: favorite actions and settings (e.g. full screen, flip horizontal and vertical, launching the macOS share menu, and more).

If you’re an early adopter of Apple’s latest MacBook Pro laptops with the new Touch Bar, you can get Photoshop working nicely with it by downloading the latest update through Adobe Creative Cloud.