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Collar Camera Video Captures a Cat Fight from the Cat’s Perspective


Editor’s Note: Turn your volume way down before you click play. The video gets very loud very soon after it starts and we wouldn’t want your boss knowing your watching cat videos at work… you’re welcome.

There are a lot of POV videos out there of humans doing incredible stunts or getting into all sorts of scary trouble, but we don’t really have much similar footage from the animal kingdom. Maybe it’s because GoPro hasn’t announced their Cat Fancy mount (yet?).

Fortunately, for those who do want to see what trouble their feline friends get into, there’s something called a collar camera. And the video above was captured on just such a device. It’s a very literal cat fight captured from the cat’s point of view.

The video above is the original, uploaded by the owner N Ferg (there’s a copy being passed around Reddit right now) and below we have the raw, uncut version and a short behind the scenes introduction to the feisty cat who was wearing the camera. Funny, he’s acting like he’s not the biggest bully in the neighborhood.