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DJI Mavic Vs GoPro Karma Review Says the Karma is ‘Unquestionably’ Terrible


Ouch. Reviews don’t get much worse than starting with “The GoPro Karma is unquestionably, inarguably, unarguably, without a doubt, the worst drone I have ever flown.” And it only went downhill from there…

(Warning: Strong language).

This comprehensive review and comparison of the GoPro Karma vs the DJI Mavic and Osmo Mobile by YouTuber iPhonedo runs a full 39 minutes, and if you’ve already ordered a GoPro Karma, it’s 39 minutes of torture. Piece by piece, the YouTuber tears apart the GoPro, highlighting myriad issues including: drift, noise, horizon tilt, lack of stability, weight, and poor battery life (among others).

Some of the complaints are subjective—iPhonedo happens to hate the Karma’s design, for example. But most of the issues are serious problems that GoPro should have fixed before releasing Karma into the wild. Chalk it up to “first drone” problems if you must, but it’s not good.

Below are GIFs from the review showing, in order, horizontal tilt, drifting, crappy stabilization, and battery drain (watch the battery life counter go down by 10s of seconds… this isn’t sped up, it’s real time):

The review dives deep on each of these issues and many more, but more troubling than some of the individual issues iPhonedo found is perhaps the inconsistency of the GoPro Karma—sometimes it worked well, other times it didn’t. And when we’re talking about a flying weight with propellers attached, inconsistency is scary.

Check out the full review up top… unless of course you already ordered your GoPro Karma. In that case, ignorance might really equal bliss.