Recreating a Beauty Shot of Actress Kristen Stewart Captured for Chanel

The folks at Breed fashion photography school recently set up an interesting (and very educational) challenge for themselves: recreate a beauty shot of actress Kristen Stewart that was captured by famed fashion photographer Mario Testino for this year’s Chanel ad campaign.

Fortunately for us, Breed recorded the entire process so you can see how it’s done. From make up, to lighting, to directing the model and actually taking the shot, photographers Marius Troy and Jason Setiawan take you through the entire “deconstruction” step by painstaking step.

As for the results, we’ll let you be the judge:


Breed has done several of these “Image Deconstructed” features, showing you both the studio aspects like they did in this video, and the post-processing steps like they did in this Jennifer Lawrence recreation. Check out their website or YouTube channel for more interesting walkthroughs, tips, and tutorials.

Breed – Fashion Photography School [via ISO 1200)