The New Lensbaby Trio 28 Gives You 3 Selective Focus Lenses in One


If you enjoy playing around with selective focus effects in post, Lensbaby just released a lens that’s just for you. It’s called the Trio 28, and the mirrorless camera lens is actually three different lenses in one.

The Trio 28 reminds us a bit of those old View-Master toys, except instead of a viewer and a circle of different images, you have a mirrorless camera lens that lets you twist from one lens to the next using a rotating dial design. It comes with three lenses/effects in all:



Sweet gives you a central “sweet spot” that’s in focus, while slowly blurring the rest of the fame more and more to the edges.



Twist will remind you of the classic Petzval lens bokeh. This lens creates swirly out of focus patterns around the central point that remains in sharp focus.



Finally, Velvet introduces a dreamy look to your photos. It, too, features an area of sharp focus in the middle of the frame with progressively blurrier edges, but the whole photo is also suffused with a gentle glow.

The lens features a 28mm focal length and fixed f/3.5 aperture, with a ring for manual focusing from as close as 8-inches all the way to infinity.

In addition to being a fun lens for photographers who like to play around with optical effects, the Trio 28 is also a nod of confidence from Lensbaby to the mirrorless camera industry. It comes in Sony E, Fuji X, and Micro 4/3 mount options.

“Trio 28 offers a revolutionary shooting experience for mirrorless shooters,” Lensbaby Co-Founder and CEO Craig Strong said in a statement. “This is the first lens we’ve designed specifically with the mirrorless camera’s small form factor in mind. With mirrorless camera sales continuing to grow, this was a natural next step for Lensbaby.”


That’s not to say you can’t use it on full frame cameras, of course. Lensbaby says the Trio 28 will produce “a subtle vignette” when used with a full-frame sensor.

The lens is already posted on the Lensbaby online store, but you won’t be able to pick it up until October 26th. On that day, you’ll be able to purchase the Sony E, Fuji X, or Micro 4/3 Mount Trio 28 for $280.