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Phase One Adds Electronic Shutter to IQ3, a World’s First for Medium Format



Phase One just released their XF Feature Update #3, and it’s definitely a firmware update worth paying attention to. Not only did they add a fully electronic shutter to the IQ3 digital back—a world’s first for medium format photography—there are a slew of other updates for the XF system as well.

The big one here, of course, is the “world’s first.” Capable of capturing exposures from between 1/4000th of a second and 1 hour, the electronic shutter allows you to shoot a 100MP digital medium format image with exactly zero moving parts. Even in the mirror-up mode the XF body features, that was not entirely possible before.


But electronic shutter isn’t the only big news out of Feature Update #3. Profoto users in particular got some advanced features, including TTL integration and in-camera Air Remote capabilities for controlling your flash settings right from the camera itself. Plus, the new flash analysis tool lets you visualize your flash duration and output so you can really dial in the perfect photo.

Lau Nørgaard, Phase One Vice President of R&D, gives a good overview of the firmware update in this short video:

Finally, Phase One also released a new V-Grip for the XF system, providing “advanced ergonomic capabilities and control options.”

“With an emphasis on design, the XF V-Grip incorporates an Arca-Swiss compatible mounting point and L-Bracket solution,” explains PhaseOne. “Whether using the XF V-Grip hand-held or on a tripod, the ease of use and added controls make this accessory a valuable asset to any professional photographer.”


The V-Grip will cost $1,490 when it officially ships in November, but the firmware update is already available to download for free off the Phase One website. To learn more or get it for your XF system, click here.

(via DPReview)