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Phase One Debuts Cheaper 100MP Digital Back that ‘Only’ Costs $33,000



When you’re talking about 100MP medium format digital backs, ‘affordable’ is a very relative term. That said, the new IQ1 100MP digital back Phase One just announced is definitely affordable… relatively speaking. For the first time, you can get a 100MP sensor for just $33,000.

To put that in perspective, the Phase One IQ3 100MP back will cost you $44,000, or 11 grand more if you’re not in the mood to subtract. Which begs the question: what did they leave out of the IQ1.

The short answer is “convenience.” At its core, the IQ1 gives you the same size CMOS sensor, same 15-stops of dynamic range, and same 16-bit color. Where it counts, the IQ1 punches right up there with its more expensive sibling.

What it lacks is shooting features like electronic shutter, Live View capture, exposure clipping warnings, built-in WiFi, and an HDMI connection, among other things. The new ‘flagship’ back of the IQ1 family, it gives you performance for a lower price by stripping away some convenient (but, ultimately, not essential) features.

The IQ1 100MP digital back will be available starting this month, for $32,990 in either XF or Hasselblad H mounts. To learn more about this beastly back, head over to the Phase One website by clicking here.