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Adobe is Working on Some Crazy AI-Powered Features, Here’s a Peek



Earlier this week, we showed you some really interesting image editing research from the University of Edinburgh, calling it a peek at the future of Photoshop. Well, it turns out we were more right than we realized.

Adobe recently teamed up with researchers at UC Berkley to develop some artificial intelligence-powered features similar to the so-called “automatic Photoshop” we showed you this week. And the UC Berkley team showed off what they’ve been working on in a recent demo and paper titled “Generative Visual Manipulation on the Natural Image Manifold.”

It’s infinitely easier to show than tell what the team has developed, so check out the demo for yourself below:

Like the Edinburgh team, Adobe and UC Berkley envision an image editing future where major, natural looking edits can be done with a few brush strokes and minimal artistic talent. The current iteration of the software can do two things.

First, it can manipulate an image based on very basic coloring, sketching, or warping commands. So you can change the shape, color, and size of an object in just a brush stroke or two, with the final product maintaining as natural a look as possible.

Second, it can actually generate images based on a rudimentary sketch.

All of this is demonstrated in the video above, and even in its early stages it’s incredibly impressive. Those “automatic Photoshop” features we were dreaming about earlier in the week might be a lot closer than we realize…

You can dive into the details and read all about it here.