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Ep. 102: Is the Canon 5D Mark IV a Worthy Upgrade? + more!


Episode 102 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Gary Fong, photographer and Lightsphere inventor

In This Episode

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Photographer and Lightsphere inventor Gary Fong opens the show. Thanks Gary!

The Canon 5D Mark IV has been announced, but is it an exciting update to the 5D Mark III…or just a solid attempt? (#)

Canon announces two new lenses and a WiFi adapter. (#)

Photographer Jasmine Star once again is accused of plagiarism, but after shaking it off in 2013, has it had any effect on her career and/or reputation? (#)

A ridiculous law in Nice, France has upset the Internets (that’s right…the Internets)…as an official wants to limit the rights of those photographing police. (#)

A rumor that Sony will move to 16-bit lossless RAW in its cameras. (#)

Guest outro:  Arizona Rattlers and Northern Arizona Suns team photographer Matt Hinshaw.

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