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A Tribute to the Candid Moments Between Shots


A compilation of 3 years of “awkward” GoPro clips with narration. That’s all this video is, but it somehow still strikes a chord. It’s a tribute to all of those candid moments between shots, the time spent setting up gear, getting ready, feeling inadequate or silly or determined… recorded.

The short video was created by filmmaker Tyce Hoskins, who titled it “GoPro&I” and described it himself as the aforementioned “compilation of all the awkward moments I’ve had with my GoPro the past 3 years.”

The advantage of using a GoPro is that those moments were captured on camera, but anybody who has ever set out to capture a beautiful scene or express themselves creatively can relate to that moment of in-drawn breath before you dive in and start creating. For a photographer, there is nobody recording when you take one last look at your set-up and set your shoulders, but those moments are there all the same.

5D&I, XT1&I, D810&I, a7RII&I—no doubt your brain contains a slew of memories just like these.

(via Vimeo via Fstoppers)