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How a Crappy Situation Led to this Gorgeous Sunset Photo



Great photos can come out of annoying or unfortunate situations. Case in point: this surreal sunset photo from 35,000 feet wouldn’t have happened if the photographer hadn’t been stuck in the airport, delayed due to bad weather.

Anthony Tran (@tritan93) shared his story on Reddit, a simple example of making the best of annoying circumstances.

My flight from Ho Chi Minh back to Singapore was delayed for 1.5 hours due to bad weather. Fortunately, I got to see one of the most surreal sunsets from the airplane and I took a photo without much hesitation. It is really a blessing in disguise.

It’s not the “craziest” or “most insane” story we’ve ever heard—heck, it’s downright ordinary. But that’s why we wanted to share it with you this Monday morning. Extraordinary photos can come out of ordinary, even irritating, daily life.

Now it’s your turn. Which of your favorite photos were the result of unfortunate circumstances?

Image credits: Photo by Anthony Tran and shared with permission.