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Oppo F1s ‘Selfie Expert’ Smartphone Puts the Better Camera on the Front



Let’s be honest, we all saw this one coming…

Smartphone manufacturer Oppo finally bit the bullet for the rest of the phone makers out there and did what they’ve all been wanting to do for years: they made the front camera better than the one on the back.

I guess it’s official, the smartphone is now primarily for selfies and other stuff comes later—well, at least this smartphone. The Oppo F1s is being hailed as a “selfie expert” smartphone, and features a 16MP camera on the front with interesting add-ons like “Selfie Panorama” mode and “Beautify 4.0,” which will automatically retouch your skin… that should go over well.


The back camera, by comparison, sports 3 fewer megapixels (13MP in case you’re not into math). Oppo is claiming that they decided on fewer megapixels because this means better low light performance, but when you’re releasing a phone tagged as the “selfie expert” there’s little doubt the front cam got a bit more love.

To find out more about the F1s or pre-order one for yourself, head over to the Oppo website by clicking here… selfie-haters need not apply.

(via Oppo via Image Sensor World)