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This 12K Timelapse of L.A. Was Shot with a 100MP Camera


Want to see what the 100-megapixel Phase One XF 100MP medium format camera is capable of? Check out this amazing 12K time-lapse video of Los Angeles, shot by Joe Capra of Scientifantastic.

Capra is a Los Angeles-based photographer who specializes in ultra-high-definition time-lapse photography. Back in February 2015, he released a 10K time-lapse of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, shot using an 80MP Phase One camera kit. Now that Phase One offers even more resolution, Capra is taking his time-lapses to yet another level.

Another day another shot. #12Ktimelapse thanks @thekevingreene #phaseone #IQ3 #phaseoneXF @phaseonephoto #abc7eyewitness

A photo posted by Joe Capra (@scientifantastic) on

The office with @drkanab @chrispzero #100mp #LA

A photo posted by Joe Capra (@scientifantastic) on

For this latest project, Capra used the new time-lapse mode in the XF. Each and every frame you see in the video above is a 100-megapixel photo, which together form a video with 3 times the resolution as existing 4K Ultra HD content.


“Having the ability to shoot in such extreme resolution allows you much more creative freedom and flexibility in post production, and this film’s purpose is to demonstrate that,” Capra says. “You can punch in extremely far into a scene while maintaining massive amounts of detail.”

Update on 7/22/16: Here’s a behind-the-scenes video showing how the project was done: