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Blunt Advice for New Graduates from a Successful Photographer


Watch your step recent photography graduates, because famed photographer and director Chase Jarvis is about to drop some serious advice. It comes in three parts, and its aimed at those of you who recently got out of school and jumped into the creative ‘real world.’ (Warning: The video above contains language some might find offensive.)

Jarvis’ advice comes in three parts: be great at your craft, learn the business side, and take risks. Each piece comes with caveats, specifics, and a few curse words to help drive home the point that (a) you’re never done improving your photography; (b) if you can’t run a business and sell your services you won’t succeed; and (c) taking risks NOW is critical because the older you get, the more you’ll have to lose, and the harder it will be to take those risks.

Oh, and Jarvis throws an exclamation point in there too. Think of this as the Bonus 4th piece of advice: do not let the idea that you’re chasing your dreams be an excuse for not working your a** off. That seems like a good note to end on.