Is Photography Your ‘True Calling’ in Life? This Video Will Help You Find Out

If you don’t believe in “true callings” or hate stuff about “finding your purpose,” this video is probably not for you. But if you believe there is such a thing, and you’re wondering if photography is that “thing” for you, photographer and entrepreneur Chase Jarvis can help you figure it out.

In the latest episode of Chase Jarvis RAW, the world-famous photographer and entrepreneur sits down with best-selling author Chris Guillebeau to talk about finding your “true calling” in life.

In simple terms, Guillebeau—who has been researching this topic for the last two years for his new book—says it comes down to three things. Your true calling lies at the intersection of the things that bring you: joy, money, and flow.


All three are important. Joy and flow without money = a starving artist. Joy and money without flow = unfulfilled potential. Flow and money without joy = success without purpose.

After the three things, Jarvis and Guillebeau go on to discuss how you should know if it’s time to quit something. Another question that many might-want-to-be-a-professional-photographers are probably struggling with. If you are, Gillebeau offers two questions that might help get you unstuck.

Again, you may find advice like this to be annoying or useless or frustrating. Some people, in fact, suggest you should not follow your passion, claiming the advice is BS to begin with. Whether or not that’s the case is for you to decide, but this writer found the video above incredibly helpful.