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Three Handy Travel Photography Accessories Under $100



Traveling and photography go hand-in-hand, but without the right gear it can also be a pain. Fortunately, there’s some great affordable travel photography accessories out there that will make traveling with a camera a joy.

This video was put together by the folks at the LinusTechTips YouTube channel, and it shares three handy travel photography accessories that will make your life easier and cost less than $100. No need to break the bank to make taking (and using) your camera everywhere with you a bit more pleasurable:

The three pieces of gear suggested in the video are: the Black Widow Spider Camera Holster ($50), the Xume Filter Lens Adapters (~$32 per adapter, or $57 for a starter kit), and the Mini Quick Release plates (~$42 for 2).

The first two are particularly relevant for photographers, and can save you a ton of time when you’re out travel shooting: no more digging through a bag to find your camera or taking precious extra seconds to screw on the right filter. Handy indeed.

Of course, these aren’t the only affordable accessories out there that make traveling with your camera more productive and enjoyable. Share your favorite travel accessory in the comments!