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Want to Carry All Your Gear in a Single Photo Vest?



Want to wear all your camera gear around you? The Vest Guy has photographer vests designed just for you. Many of the company’s offerings have a large number of spacious compartments that allow you to carry multiple cameras, lenses, accessories… and even your laptop.

The company was founded by photographer and law enforcement officer Rob Daugherty, who has been selling vests to people in both fields for over 22 years now.

Here’s a quick rundown of the different vests that are currently offered:

The Alaskan Photo Vest ($280)


The “Cadillac” of photography vests, according to The Vest Guy. The Alaskan Photo Vest has 16 standard pockets, and more can be added with optional pocket add-ons. A hydration sleeve lets you store 2-3 liter hydration systems.

The Serengeti Photo Vest ($180)


The Serengeti Photo Vest features two large cargo pockets with diviers, smaller pockets, and a large zippered pocket on the back.

The M&M Travel Photography Vest ($200)


The M&M Travel Photography Vest features 12 pockets and is designed for both local street photography and world travel.

The Wedding Photographer Vest ($195)


The Wedding Photographer Vest is designed to help carry all the gear you might need over the course of a wedding. It has 10 pockets, the ability for double slings, and a number of customization options.

The Safari Photo Vest Lite ($170)


The Safari Photo Vest Lite is a simple and breathable vest for which all the external pockets are sold separately, allowing you to customize it according to your exact needs.

The Fire Photography Vest ($270)


The Fire Photography Vest is for photographers shooting on the front lines of fires. It’s loaded with pockets and uses a bright, reflective florescent orange color to make you easy to spot.

The Press Photo Vest ($260)


The Press Photo Vest is designed to have pockets for all of your gear. The giant lower pockets measure 10 inches wide, 7 inches tall, and 5 inches deep.

Just How Much Can You Carry?

So just how much can you actually carry with the largest of these vests? Photographer Pete Leong just published a video in which he shares about how he uses the Press Photo Vest to “beat the airlines” when traveling.

“Carry all your gear on you so you don’t get told that your carry on bag is too heavy and you have to pay extra fees, or check it in and maybe have gear stolen or broken,” he says.

Watch as he pulls out two DSLR bodies, multiple large lenses, travel documents, a cell phone, a wallet, random items, and a 15-inch Macbook Pro:

Sure, this may be overkill for the vast majority of you, but it’s an interesting look at the extreme end of what you can carry around in a vest if you absolutely need to.