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A Peek at Xiaomi’s Sleek New Drone, Set to Arrive on May 25th



Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi is about to launch its very own drone, and some are speculating that it may be the first truly affordable UAV on the market.

The news of the launch came from Xiaomi itself. A post on the company forums included the banner below (we’ve edited the crop above to increase exposure a bit and show more details in the picture) alongside text advertising a live-streaming event on May 25th at 7am ET on Mi.com.

The posts moderator followed that up with the not-so-subtle tag line, “something wonderful and cool is flying to us very soon.” You can see the full poster below:


Those are, unfortunately, all of the solid details we have. Everything else—4K video capability, quadcopter control from a connected wristband, and leaked screenshots of a Xiaomi drone app—come from the kinds of rumors and leaks we’re so familiar with in the photography world.

But what really intrigues us is the possibility that this will be an affordable alternative to already reasonably priced drones like the DJI Phantom series. Only 5 more days until we find out…

(via The Verge)