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Nikon is Now Allowing Some Grey-Market Camera Repairs in the US



One of the big pitfalls of buying a grey market camera has always been how difficult it is to get them serviced or repaired. If you buy a grey market Nikon D810 and it breaks, you’re stuck. Well… not anymore.

According to a report by Nikon Rumors, the Japanese camera giant just added several new models—the D7100, D610, D800, D810, and D4s—to their list of bodies you can get repaired by a Nikon-authorized third party repair center in the US… several of which are happy to repair grey market products.

This means grey market camera bodies (Note: grey market cameras are cameras imported to the United States by someone other than the manufacturer, in this case Nikon Inc. USA) are now serviceable within the US for the very first time. Of course several new models are missing from that list, but we can keep out fingers crossed that they’ll be added.

If you own a grey market version of one of the models above, you can find out which repair centers will service your camera by visiting this page and filling in all the appropriate drop-down menus.

Image credits: Nikon D810 by Henry Söderlund.