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I Make Photos of Dogs Being Humans



My name is Tracy Willis, and I’m a newborn photographer and digital artist based in Dorset, UK. For my personal project titled “Animal Antics,” I create composite photos of my dogs doing various human activities.


First Date

I photograph every single element of my images — nothing is stock. The images are built purely out of elements which I photograph myself using either with my Canon 5D Mark III or my iPhone 6S, and each item in an image is only a small part of the final piece of work.


Story telling

I am always on the lookout for different items that can be added to an image, and I use Lightroom collections to catalog any elements I have photographed so they are easy to find when building an art piece.




Nighttime Story

I have 5 dogs, 3 mice and 2 rabbits, and the former feature heavily in my work — luckily my dogs are happy to wear clothes and sit in chairs!





The Players

Sometimes I begin with an idea of the overall finished picture, other times I may see an element, which would look great in an image, and I build the image around that. As items can be resized to suit it is more about what the item looks like as opposed to the size and position, etc.


Bedtime story

I take pictures at antique shops, pet shops, music shops, and more to allow me to add new and fun items to my work. For example, if there is an ornament I see in a shop that would be suitable to use, I ask permission to take some pictures and then I photograph it from all angles to make sure it will work in the final layout with whatever perspective I choose.


The Hitchhiker

When photographing animals for the pictures I try to look for expression and the direction of the look, as these all help to add character to the animal and add more of a storytelling look to the image.




About the author: Tracy Willis is a newborn photographer and retoucher based in Dorset, UK. You can find more of her work on her website. You can also connect with her on Twitter, 500px, and Instagram.