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Viral Before-and-After Composite Captures the Devastation in Kiev in a Single Frame



Reddit user Nasdaf created this moving composite photograph using images of Kiev’s Independence Square captured before and after the havoc wreaked by violent clashes between the government and protesters.

In one powerful frame — a combination of this photo by Travel-Monkey writer Kongo and this one by Reuters photographer Olga Yakimovich — he’s managed to capture the devastation left in the wake of these protests. And now, just hours after news broke that a tentative truce has broken down, the photograph speaks, perhaps, more powerfully than ever.

Click here for a full res version of the composite, or visit Travel-Monkey and Reuters to see the source images in their full glory.

(via Reddit)

Image credits: Composite photograph by Nasdaf and used with permission. Original photos by Kongo and Olga Yakimovich/Reuters.