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Sony’s a6300 Can Register Faces and Focus on them Later, Even in a Group


This feature could be huge for wedding photographers. In the tutorial above, photographer Gary Fong shows you how the Sony a6300‘s “Face Registration” feature can recognize up to 8 faces, prioritize them, and focus on the top priority face later… even in a crowd.

The reason this could be huge for wedding photographers is because you can actually register the bride, groom, and other important family members or members of the wedding party in those 8 slots.

Then, by prioritizing the bride in position 1, groom in position 2, and maybe the maid of honor in position 3, the camera will find the highest priority face in a frame and focus on it. It’ll find the bride in a crowd, and if she’s not there, it’ll find the groom, and so on and so forth.


In the video, Fong shows you how to use the feature and then puts it through a series of tests to see how accurate it is.

The feature performs admirably. Not only will it pick up the correct registered face if there are a couple of very different looking people in the frame, even when someone who looks quite similar to the subject is brought in the frame, the Face Registration still picked up the correct face.


Check out the full demonstration at the top to see how well this works for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments down below.

(via Reddit)