This Skier Shot ‘Bullet Time’ by Swinging an iPhone 6 Around His Head

Matrix-style “bullet time” is usually created using an array of cameras placed all around a subject. Swiss professional skier Nicolas Vuignier has been testing a new technique that only uses a single camera: he swings his iPhone 6 camera around using a long rope.

Vuignier calls his iPhone experiment the “Centriphone.” The video above contains some awesome shots he made using it while speeding down snow-covered mountain slopes.

Vuignier says he spent the past 2 years tinkering and tweaking his creation, which appears to be a special mount that keeps the camera pointed directly at the swinger. It’s “100% shot with the iPhone 6,” he says, and “no iPhones were harmed during the making of this video.”

He’s also planning on releasing a “making of” video that gives more details on exactly how the system works.

(via Nicolas Vuignier via Gizmodo)