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The 10 Bestselling Photos on 500px and Why They’re So Popular



Its been 2 years since 500px expanded beyond being a simple photo-sharing service by launching a commercial licensing system for photographers. We were curious about what the bestselling photos on the service are, so we asked 500px to reveal the top 10 and tell us why each one is selling so well.

#10: “Amazing Matterhorn” by Thomas Fliegner


“The colors and composition in this shot are simple, yet powerful. From an advertising point of view, mountain peaks can be used to represent grand and positive ideas that are applicable to a diverse audience.”

#9: “Skateboarders” by Marko Mastosaari


“Human connection is an effective way to draw on a viewer’s emotions, and this photo is a perfect example.”

#8: “Climber Rappelling Into Cave” by Jared Carlson


“This minimalist image is very versatile—it can be used commercially or editorially. Additionally, the climber adds a human element, which has a greater impact on viewers.”

#7: “Bromo Starry Night” by Silentino Natti


“A photo like this captures the awe and wonder of the world around us, while the tones set a very specific mood.”

#6: “500px Team” by Evgeny Tchebotarev

500px Team

“The photo looks natural, and the setting is universal to startups. It’s a business image that actually represents the modern day office.”

#5: “Distant Wonderland” by Max Rive


“Small people in a big world is always going to guarantee you an eye catching image. The color and distance of this image make it really appealing, and the anonymity of the people make it easily relatable.”

#4: “Blinded” by Max Rive


“This really dynamic shot is highly relatable and enticing to anyone with the travel bug or a love of the outdoors. Plus, the lighting really makes the image warm and comforting.”

#3: “Colors of Faith” by Devesh Tripathi


“Vibrant colors grab the viewer’s attention. The crowd of hands are symbolic of celebration and unity. There’s also ample copy space, which is useful for web and print.”

#2: “Team Collaboration” by Natta Summerky


“The concept and execution of the image are clear and straightforward. This scene is relatable and natural and it doesn’t scream “I’m a stock photo!”.”

#1: “Doi Inthanon National Park” by Anek S

Doi Inthanon National park

“The vibrant colors along with the misty mountains create a feeling of inspiration, imagination, and freedom. ”

If you’d like to be the photographer behind a top-selling photo, take a long, hard look at these images — they provide a glimpse into what photo buyers are looking for… in the 500px Marketplace, at least.

Image credits: All photos copyright their respective photographers and courtesy 500px