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Ep. 36: Nikon Drops a Bomb…and More from CES 2016 – and more


Episode 36 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Photographer Spencer Pablo, Sony Artisan of Imagery

In This Episode

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Sony Artisan of Imagery Spencer Pablo opens the show. Thanks Spencer!

Nikon officially announces the D5…and it can shoot up to 3,280,000 ISO. (#)

Nikon surprises us all with the D500, a pro-level DX crop-sensor body with D5 tech. (#)

Panasonic announces two compact cameras and a cool Leica 100-400mm lens for MFT. (#)

Missouri lawmakers call for the ouster of University of Missouri professor Melissa Click. (#)

Olympus announces a 300mm f/4 lens for MFT as well as a tough pocket camera. (#)

Supposed artist Richard Prince gets sued again over appropriating the work of others. (#)

Nikon announces its new flagship flash, the SB-5000 with an internal cooling system. (#)

Nikon announces two 18-55mm kit lenses (one with VR) with stepping motors. (#)

The Nikon KeyMission 360, the company’s first action camera, is announced. (#)

Canon is overshadowed by Nikon’s announcements, but announces 5 new PowerShot cameras. (#)

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