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This See-Through Lens Adapter Lets You Go Wild with Lens Flares



If you’ve always wanted to go crazy and creative with lens flares in your photos or videos, then Technical Farm’s new Flare Adapter is for you. It’s a see-through lens adapter that lets light leak into your shots from between your lens and your camera.

Matthew Allard of Newsshooter came across the new adapter at the Interbee trade show in Tokyo recently, where the Japanese company Technical Farm was showing off its new creation.


Freelensing — or using a detached lens — is one way photographers achieve extra lens flares these days, but that technique also comes with focus shifting. Technical Farm’s new adapter lens you get the flares while keeping the focal plane normal.


You can limit how much light passes through the adapter by covering it up with your fingers or with tape. Or, you can also increase or customize the light passing through by pointing external lights into your camera.




Here’s a short Newsshooter video in which Allard introduces the Flare Adapter and shares some sample footage shot using it:

Technical Farm had the PL-to-E, EF-to-E, and EF-to-EF Flare Adapters on display at the show simply to gauge interest, Newsshooter reports. Thus, there’s currently no plans regarding pricing or commercial availability.

Image credits: Video and photographs by Matthew Allard/Newsshooter and used with permission