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Ep. 20: Are There Some Things the Media Shouldn’t Cover? – and more


Episode 20 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Ted Forbes from “The Art of Photography”

In This Episode

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My good friend Ted Forbes of “The Art of Photography” opens the show. Thanks Ted.

A University of Missouri professor fans the flames and turns students against student journalists. We hear from the student journalist who shot the video in his own words. (#)

Photographer Trey Ratcliff designs the ultimate HDR software, Aurora HDR. (#)

The Interactive Exposure Tool launches to help photographers understand the “Exposure Triangle”. (#)

A photojournalist withdraws from a prestigious competition in Australia for altering a photo. (#)

Lytro reimagines Virtual Reality (VR) with its Lytro Immerge camera. (#)

Leica releases it’s 0.95 collection of fancy lifestyle items to go along with its pricey cameras. (#)

Yahoo! upgrades its search in a way photographers and especially Flickr users may appreciate. (#)

The full audio from University of Missouri student journalist Mark Schierbecker.

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