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Leica Announces an $840 Lighter, $840 Pen, and $175 Keychain



Leica today announced the 0.95 Collection, a new sub-brand for high-end accessories. No, not camera accessories… luxury lifestyle accessories.

The initial batch of products includes an $840 lighter, an $840 fountain pen, and a $175 keyring.

The items were created through a collaboration with French luxury house S.T Dupont, and will be sold through Leica Stores and Leica Boutiques around the world. Here are a few of the wares:

S.T. Dupont for Leica 0.95 Lighter — $840


This lighter is a variation of the iconic S.T. Dupont ‘Ligne 2’ lighter. It is made of high-grade brass and is matte black with a shiny PVD finish. The lighter has a knurled surface inspired by Leica knurling and a ‘0.95’ engraving filled with white lacquer. It has a yellow flame.

S.T. Dupont for Leica 0.95 Fountain Pen — $840


The pens are made from matte-black Ceramium A.C.T. and accentuated by a highly resilient gloss coating applied by physical vapor deposition (PVD). Ceramic A.C.T. by S.T. Dupont is a revolutionary new material which is exceptionally strong, yet lightweight. Each cap features a knurled ring inspired by Leica knurling with a hand engraved ‘0.95’ logo filled in whit white lacquer. The fountain pen has a medium size nib in 14-karat gold alloy.

S.T. Dupont for Leica 0.95 Keyring — $175


The key ring pendant is made of high-grade brass. It is matte black in PVD with a chromed steel ring. The knurled brink is inspired by Leica knurling. ’0.95’ is hand engraved and filled with white lacquer.

The initial collection also has a $690 Rollerball Pen and a $540 Ballpoint pen.

Finally, Leica has also created a limited set of 95 “Edition 0.95” Noctilux lenses with a design that matches the look of the accessories. Each lens is priced at $13,950. Head on over to a Leica Store or website to see the collection for yourself.

(via Leica Store Miami via Red Dot Forum)