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Product Camera is a Camera App That Creates Photos of Objects on White Backdrops



The developers behind the popular Android camera app Camera51 have just announced a new app for helping people shoot the photos they need. This time the startup has targeted the online seller community with Product Camera, which lets you easily shoot product photos by automatically masking out the background behind objects.

“Statistics show that over 90% of e-sales platform purchases are based on visual appearances and e-commerce buyers will not purchase from a website which has a poor aesthetic appearance,” Camera51 says. “For online sellers the existing options are to either upload their own images, which are mostly not of studio-level quality and harm their sales, or hiring professional studio or editing services and tools, which are time consuming and costly.”

Product Camera aims to make product photography cheap and easy by doing away with fancy white backgrounds, special lighting setups, and post-processing work. Simply place your product in front of a plain background of a different color, and the app will automatically isolate your product, place it against a white backdrop, and add “an aesthetic soft shadow.”

Some online shops require this type of product photo, so this app helps make your snapshots instantly compliant.


If the automated result is a little off, you can fine tune it by selecting portions of your photo that are part of your object and portions that are part of the background. Here’s a demo video showing how the app works:

You can download Product Camera for Android devices today over on Google Play. An iOS version of the app will be launched in early 2016.