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Google’s Cardboard Camera App Lets You Shoot 3D VR Photos with Your Phone



Google today launched Cardboard Camera for Android, an app that lets you shoot 3D virtual reality photographs with a smartphone. Resulting photos can be viewed immersively through a Google Cardboard VR headset.


Taking a photo with the new app is simple: you simply hold out your phone and move it around you in a circle. To experience the photo you made, place your phone inside the Google Cardboard viewer and look around inside the 3D panorama you captured.




The experience is in 3D — the app captures and shows slightly different views for your left and right eyes, allowing near things to look near and far things to look far.

To further make the experience immersive, the app can also record some sound to allow you to hear what the moment was like when the photo was captured.

Google’s Cardboard Camera app is available for free starting today in the Google Play store.