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Ep. 19: Sony Releases a New A-mount Body…Do You Care? – and more


Episode 19 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Celebrity portrait photographer Michael Grecco

In This Episode

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Celebrity portrait photographer Michael Grecco opens the show. Thanks Michael!

Sony announces the a68, its first A-mount camera in a long time. Is this camera interesting to you? (#)

B&H warehouse workers score a victory and vote to unionize. How will things change for workers? (#)

Moo announces business cards with an NFC chip inside. Will you get these for your photo business? (#)

How far has technology come in the 17 years from the Canon D2000 to the Canon 5Ds R? (#)

Why do people ask photographers to work for free when they wouldn’t ask members of other professions. (#)

Website Akiwi aims to help you more easily keyword your photos. Will you use it? (#)

DJI imagines a future where drones are a part of our daily lives. (#)

Hasselblad and DJI team up as the drone maker takes a minority stake in the respected camera company. (#)

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